• October 9, 2013

Salsa CRM Now Integrates with Attentive.ly

Salsa Labs, creator of a nonprofit CRM platform, has released a new social CRM package that integrates with social media analysis of Attentive.ly, offering a way for nonprofits to measure the impact of their supporters in the social media space and reconcile the data seamlessly within Salsa.

Attentive.ly imports an organization's supporter email list from Salsa to match public profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 105 other social networks. Attentive.ly also provides Klout score and basic demographic information (age, gender) on those lists. To ensure privacy, only profiles that are public are matched and monitored. Once individuals are matched, their public posts begin showing up on the organization's Attentive.ly dashboard. Organizations then have access to statistics about top influencers, search features based on topics, reports with filters on location or specified parameters, and more. That data can then be used to develop an online communications strategy and tactics within Salsa.

"Social CRM allows users to easily evaluate the impact of their supporters in social media and translate that back to their database for future use," said Christine Schaefer, vice president of community and marketing at Salsa, in a statement. "With the Social CRM options, users can then target and segment their audiences for more personalized communication and hopefully, more quality, long-lasting supporter relationships."

"With the recent crackdown of Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo on bulk mail, organizations must adapt to the new normal of personalized, highly targeted content or see their open rates decay over the next five years," said Roz Lemieux, CEO of Attentive.ly, in a statement. "Salsa is ahead of the curve in providing customers with the kind of big data solutions that will protect the quality of their list and enhance the efficacy of their online campaigns. By using Attentive.ly for targeting, nonprofits can see three times to nine times their typical response rates today and improved deliverability for their entire list in the long term."

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