• October 30, 2013

Root Launches Customers for Life Solution

Root, a strategy execution consulting company, today launched its customer experience solution, Customers for Life.

Customers for Life leverages more than 15 years of experience providing retailers, commercial banks, and hotels with the insights and solutions needed to deliver greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers for Life focuses on both the people and processes of the customer experience, offering a full complement of services that drive a customer-first culture and strategy, including leadership alignment and advocacy, manager ownership of the strategy, and frontline employee engagement and productivity.

Root partners with companies to help leaders better define what a customer-first culture looks like to their organizations. Then, Root uses its strategy execution expertise, creative and visual methodologies, and its insights on best practices for building employee engagement to bring that vision to life at all levels of the organization.

Root's Customers for Life solution focuses on the following three key areas:

  • Aligning Senior Leaders—Root helps leaders get clear and aligned with strong conviction on their customer experience strategy and recognize how a customer-first culture must support that strategy. This includes operationalizing the customer-first strategy based on agreed-upon priorities and the desired outcomes to cascade it out to the rest of the organization with so much clarity that there is no room for interpretation at other levels of the business.
  • Getting Managers to Act as Owners—This component of the solution develops a team of very strong managers. With direct impact on the frontline interacting with customers, managers are trained to better understand their role, internalize the customer-focused strategy, connect their teams to that strategy, and drive results. By empowering managers with the insights and knowledge to act as owners, they make better decisions that support the strategic customer-first priorities of the business.
  • Building Frontline Authenticity—This portion of the solution ensures that the organization builds the capabilities and skills of the frontline and helps each individual recognize how their role connects to the big picture customer strategy. Following deployment of the strategy, every frontline employee understands how she can personally deliver on the brand promise every time she interacts with a customer, whether it’s in a store, online, or via the contact center.

"Organizations spend countless dollars on their customer experience strategies, and in most cases, they're doing it all wrong," said Gary Magenta, senior vice president of client relations at Root, in a statement. "Despite best intentions, organizational leaders are not successfully moving from strategy to execution; they are missing the key elements needed to bring the customer experience to life. Leadership teams are often not aligned on the customer strategy and culture they are trying to build. Managers may not be empowered to act like owners and engage the frontline to do the right things for the customer. Lastly, the frontline is bombarded by conflicting priorities, policies, and procedures that can often prevent them from delivering an authentic experience with the customer.

"The overarching objective of Root's Customers for Life solution is to help leaders create and align around a customer-first culture, empower managers to act like owners, and enable the frontline to engage customers authentically," Magenta continued.

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