• July 18, 2013

Rio SEO Expands Social Remarketing Solution

Rio SEO, a provider of search engine optimization and social media marketing technology, has expanded its social remarketing solution so online marketers can advertise directly to their influencers and many more like them on the Web.

The proprietary automation solution, called Rio SEO Social Advertise, now integrates with the BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP) to help marketers gain richer audience insights with respect to their brand influencers, generate "look-alikes," and then reach them at scale with relevant messages across the Internet.

According to Ben Straley, vice president of social technologies at Rio SEO, the benefit of influencer remarketing and social look-alike targeting is that brands can reach their most engaged customers across the Web with relevant content and advertising on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

"The audience identified by the Social Advertise platform is the one most likely to share brand content with friends, family, and colleagues and to amplify the effectiveness of digital advertising," Straley said in a statement. "Integrating our influencer remarketing capabilities with Blue Kai's DMP helps smart digital marketers learn much more about their influencers, remarket to them, and identify many more social look-alikes in the process."

The BlueKai partnership will enable Rio SEO and its clients to remarket to social audiences and generate more comprehensive profiles on their brand influencers, which include new targeting attributes for audience expansion. In addition, this data intelligence can be activated to BlueKai's list of media partners to inform targeted banner advertising campaigns, reaching influencers and look-alikes across the Internet.

"With this enhancement, Rio SEO Social Advertise dramatically increases the scale and impact of brands' influencer outreach and engagement programs," Straley added. "Unlike narrowly-focused social advertising solutions, Social Advertise provides marketers with reach that extends across most of the Web, including social networks, Web sites, blogs, webmail, and forums."

"At BlueKai our mantra is, Use what you know to power what you do, and our partnership with Rio SEO empowers marketers to achieve this," said Cory Treffiletti, senior vice president of marketing at BlueKai, in a statement. "In a nutshell, we are enabling marketers to use what they know about their social influencers to inform their ad targeting and messaging strategies to drive higher marketing ROI."

After implementation of Rio SEO's patent-pending Tag and Trace script on brand Web sites, landing pages, and rich media players, marketers can remarket to influencers who are already engaging with and sharing their content. Marketers can also direct relevant advertising toward new prospects who, like their influencers, behave in a manner and have interests as their influencers.

After launching influencer remarketing and social look-alike targeting programs, marketers can use another software tool called Rio SEO Social Analyze to measure and optimize the effectiveness of their advertising, the virality of their content, and the return from their earned media investments.

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