• May 2, 2012

Responsys Unveils the Interact Social Data Cloud

Responsys, a provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, today unveiled the Interact Social Data Cloud, which will enable marketing organizations to access social profile and behavioral data within the Responsys Interact Suite to orchestrate and optimize their cross-channel marketing programs.

The Interact Social Data Cloud builds on the success of Responsys' cloud strategy and platform, providing marketers with the tools to plan and execute campaigns across email, mobile, social, display, and the Web.

"Marketers are missing the social data opportunity, said Scott Olrich. chief marketing and sales officer at Responsys, in a statement. "According to a recent study by Forrester, only 13 percent of interactive marketers are using social data to inform and optimize their interactive marketing campaigns. The Interact Social Data Cloud not only makes social data actionable, but it provides marketers with a truly holistic view of the customer to enable them to orchestrate highly sophisticated, integrated relationship marketing programs across the digital channels."

The Interact Social Data Cloud brings customer insights gathered from social data overlays, applications, and interactions directly into the Responsys Interact Suite, allowing marketers to leverage social profile and behavioral data to build and execute highly personalized campaigns. For example, marketers can select a variety of social attributes within Interact Filter Designer to segment and target consumers based on things like geography, social sharing history, birthday, product, interest, or brand affinity. These attributes can then be combined with rules in Interact Filter Designer to execute highly relevant marketing campaigns within the Interact platform.

The Interact Social Data Cloud gives marketing organizations the power to do the following:

  • Gain valuable insight into their customers through understanding their social profiles and interactions overtime;
  • Move beyond typical engagement metrics such as likes, comments, retweet(s) and @mentions to build actionable attributes and marketing programs generated from social data and insights;
  • Execute timely and relevant email marketing communications and programs based on a deeper understanding of a consumer's interest, needs, and behaviors; and
  • Develop a more sophisticated contact and lifecycle marketing strategy that incorporates personalized content as well as predictive and engagement based targeting tactics.

"Social media is enabling companies to learn more about their customers than ever before," said Shawn Myers, director of product marketing at Responsys, in the statement. "However, without solutions in place to extract the data and orchestrate it with other marketing channels, these insights won't help marketers build long term customer relationships. The Interact Social Data Cloud provides rich, new sources of customer data that marketers must leverage to improve their relationship marketing campaigns."

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