• May 25, 2012

Really Simple Systems Releases New Data Import Feature for Its CRM System

Really Simple Systems, a provider of online, Web, and small business CRM systems, has implemented its new Intelligent Import feature into its small business CRM system, removing the need for multiple file formats and simplifying the process of uploading user data into the Web CRM system. This software analyses the user's data and intelligently recognizes the content, without the user having to edit file formats or column headings for the online CRM system.

Online CRM module, Intelligent Upload, correctly identifies and maps data both by referring to a library of synonyms and by analyzing the actual data for the Web CRM and small business CRM system. For example, it will recognize that 'Contact.First' is the same as 'First Name'. As well as looking at column headers, the system also analyzes the content to determine what the data is, for example, it will recognize that 'http://www.website.com' is a Web address, that 'mail@email.com' is an email address, and that 'London' is a town. The intelligence of the Web CRM system lies in its ability to learn and remember when it has been corrected to do something differently. As the small business CRM system teaches itself based on previous imports, it will continue to use those corrections the next time the system is used.

John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems, explains: "Failing to load their data is the number one reason people give up trying to use a small business CRM system. Most online CRM systems, as did ours, rely on customer data being prepared as a .CSV file and uploaded in a particular format, using specific column names. Unfortunately, the specificity needed for this method to work successfully meant there was a high potential for error, and people quickly give up after the first few unsuccessful attempts of using Web CRM.

"Intelligent Import does not mandate that the data has to be in any particular format for the small business CRM system. Instead, it will look at the customer's data file and work out the file and data formats, and then just loads it into the online CRM system. The goal is for customers to have their data loaded into the Web CRM system with just one click," Paterson continues. "The Intelligent Data Import project very much fits into our core mission of making small business CRM simpler, so that more people can get value from the technology. By removing this early hurdle to Web CRM adoption, small businesses can get the sales and marketing advantages that online CRM delivers."

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