Real-Time Analytics Gaining Foothold

Real-time analytics is becoming a reality in many businesses, according to the December 2002 Database Development Survey, released Monday by Evans Data Corp. Just under half, 48 percent, of all companies provide real-time data feeds to decision makers, and nearly a third of respondents update their analytic databases hourly. The study, which surveys a group of more than 600 database developers, is conducted every six months. The survey says the majority of real-time analytics tools are applied to access business performance data, with the second highest implementations focusing on financial analysis. CRM-related analysis is the third most frequent use of analytics, according to the survey. Joe McKendrick, Evan's database analyst, says that although 48 percent of companies are using real-time data processes, the actual data-entry process is still done the "old-fashioned way." "This new survey in the series shows signs of companies centralizing their data in the long process of attaining a truly online organization that enables employees dynamic database access at all times, but there are still several hurdles left to clear before that streamlined future is reached," McKendrick says. "The majority of companies are still moving data into data warehouses by a manual, and thus time consuming and expensive, means." However, McKendrick says that a few companies are using automated data entry systems. "The hot spots are customer driven departments like call centers and other CRM platforms," McKendrick says. The study also notes that 51 percent of the respondents plan on deploying XML databases within the next two years, marking a 15 percent increase since the last survey. In addition, Microsoft's .Net architecture is expected to grow significantly, according to the survey results. Forty five percent of developers said they are currently trying the new technology, while 64 percent said they expect to test .Net within the year.
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