• October 26, 2020

Qualtrics Launches a Slew of CX Solutions

Qualtrics, a provider of customer experience solutions, today launched several solutions, capabilities, and enhancements to the Qualtrics XM Platform to help companies improve customer retention, increase employee engagement, and drive brand loyalty.

"Organizations have relied on traditional systems of measurement for years. Today, that's no longer enough to create differentiated customer, employee, product, or brand experiences at a time when expectations and preferences are rapidly changing," said Scott Fynn, senior director of product management at Qualtrics, in a statement. "Qualtrics has made it simple and efficient for organizations to move into systems of action with customizable capabilities and purpose-built solutions to deliver personalized experiences for all stakeholders on one single platform."

The enhancements to Qualtrics XM Platform include the following:

  • Trend Based Actions, which constantly monitors trends in key performance indicators across the organization and automatically triggers notifications and recommendations if they drop below a certain threshold;
  • Segments, an addition to the Qualtrics XM Directory, helps companies build dynamic customer segments, based on their preferences, feedback, behavior, spending habits, and other indicators, to increase personalization;
  • Role-Based Access for XM Directory;
  • Relative Importance Analysis (RIA), an analytics technique built into Stats iQ, to help companies uncover key drivers and the root causes of poor experiences.

In addition, Qualtrics introduced five purpose-built CX products. They include the following:

  • CustomerXM for Digital, which pinpoints digital gaps and proactively identifies focus areas for optimization.
  • CustomerXM for Customer Care, designed to improve customer support delivered through contact center and field service by starting with the agent experience and understanding customer feedback from frontline employees, email, messaging, voice, and other channels. Qualtrics combines this experience data with operational data from existing CRM systems to create a customer care experience based on an individual's communication preferences, previous support history, account status, and more.
  • CustomerXM for Account Management, which enables B2B organizations to optimize sales drivers that help create more engaging and profitable customer relationships. Qualtrics provides specific win/loss insights that integrate with existing CRM data to provide a holistic view of any customer account, including health scores.
  • CustomerXM for Locations, which enables businesses to adapt to changing preferences and expectations of customers and their frontline employees to improve the physical location experience.
  • CustomerXM for Foundational CX, which creates the building blocks of CX success by providing insights into relational and transactional Net Promoter Scores, customer satisfaction, customer effort score, and more. Foundational CX identifies the root cause of broken experiences and areas for improvement.

All Qualtrics CustomerXM products leverage the innovations on the XM Platform, such as the Qualtrics iQ engine for real-time predictive analytics, XM Directory for personalizing customer interactions, and automated actions and workflows that help organizations take action on the focus areas that will most impact their business.

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