• August 15, 2011

Pronexus Partners with RealityCorp for IVR Testing Solution

Pronexus, the developer of the interactive voice response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice, has entered into a partnership with RealityCorp that will enable VBVoice developers, testers, and quality assurance analysts to automate the functional testing of their IVR systems using ClinTest Voice.

ClinTest Voice, RealityCorp's automated testing platform, has been used in a variety of IVR applications. The ClinTest Voice platform combines test script creation, execution, and output reporting into one application. Once IVR test scripts have been created, users press play to run the automation and generate output documentation and testing objective evidence. ClinTest Voice uses voice-to-text capabilities determining prompt accuracy up to 100 percent, while having configurable thresholds for both conditional pass and failure cases.

"This partnership will present clients of Pronexus an opportunity to benefit from a union that provides the full suite of IVR development and testing software; allowing one to go-live with their IVR faster," said Carlton Schowe, president and CEO of RealityCorp. "Our automatically generated QA/Output documentation allows for one to listen to the exact prompt requiring review, which is recorded in real time. The embedded .mp3 file completely eliminates the physical need to use the phone during the development, testing. or QA review process. Designed with the eClinical industry in mind, ClinTest Voice has been tested following a comprehensive validation process to ensure quality and reliability for the high risk, regulatory environment."

"Using ClinTest, Pronexus customers can now get their solution up and running faster with objective evidence that the VBVoice solution will work optimally from the first day it is deployed," said Gary Hannah, president and CEO of Pronexus. "VBVoice developers can now quickly and easily perform load testing and functionality testing on their IVR, thereby providing quality assurance prior to deployment."

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