• November 30, 2010

Pronexus Introduces IVR Monitoring Solution

Pronexus, the developer of the VBVoice interactive voice response (IVR) toolkit, has launched IVRguard, an IVR monitoring solution that guards an IVR system and sends immediate alerts at the first sign of technical difficulties.

IVRguard is geared toward mission-critical or 24x7 operations, such as hospitals, banks, emergency notification systems, or companies with a global employee or customer base. Another group that can benefit from IVR monitoring to ensure continuity of service includes IVR hosting providers, system integrators, and independent software vendors (ISV) who have integrated IVR into their solutions. For these companies, IVRguard can acts as a support tool for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA) or they can provide IVR monitoring to their customers as a value-added service.

Based on VBVoice, the IVRguard software offers a features such as a password-protected Web interface, a script builder, and a system-wide log of call reach attempts that indicates whether the attempts were successful or missed. IVRguard can be configured to either dial out to the monitored IVR solution or the monitored IVR solution can dial into the IVRguard application. The dial in or out frequency is fully configurable and escalated alarm settings are also entirely defined by the end user.

“IVRguard is based on our award-winning IVR software VBVoice,” said Pronexus CEO Gary Hannah in a statement. “We are pleased to offer our customers yet another innovative solution to help ensure their business continuity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For our customers that provide mission-critical services, IVRguard now offers an extra measure of security to protect their customers and users.”

Customers report that IVRguard offers their end users an edge in the marketplace. “As an IVR solution provider it is essential to our customers that we offer a fail-safe IVR solution,” said Denis Solodnikov, senior client application architect at Vocantas, a long-standing customer of VBVoice. “The IVRguard solution is one more edge we give our customers over their competition with an IVR solution that is the most robust and complete offering on the market today."

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