• April 22, 2013

PowerObjects Releases PowerMap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

PowerObjects, a professional services firm focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has released PowerMap, a Dynamics CRM map add-on that allows users to plot addresses of a group of entities. It is designed to give users a quick visual representation of the locations of accounts, contacts, leads, or any entity with an address, right in Dynamics CRM.

Users can also get a quick view of the record that is plotted by clicking on the pin, and a small summary of that record will pop open. Clicking on the name of the CRM record will open it in a new window.

PowerMap can plot addresses of any entity with an address field in Dynamics CRM, including custom entity types. PowerObjects anticipates that the most common uses of this Dynamics CRM map add-on will be to plot addresses of accounts, contacts, or prospects.

PowerMap was developed by the PowerObjects team using Bing maps technology. It can be used with any Dynamics CRM 2011 implementation, including online or on-premises installations.

"PowerMap is a very straightforward and easy-to-use tool," says Cecilie Svensgaard, manager of PowerObjects' suite of add-ons, in a statement. "Navigate to PowerMap in CRM, click your desired pin, select an entity you want to see addresses for, such as accounts, and then select the view you want to see. You'll instantly see a map with pinpoints of the locations of all the accounts in the view that you selected.

"Say you're traveling to a different part of the country for a conference and you want to know if there are any nearby customers that you could visit while you're there," Svensgaard continued. "With PowerMap, it's really easy to search for addresses of customers within a certain radius and determine which ones are close enough to visit."

This Dynamics CRM map add-on is available for a free 30-day trial on the PowerObjects Web site.

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