• October 17, 2012

PeriscopeIQ Introduces PeriscopeCX

PeriscopeIQ, a provider of Web-based customer and employee experience solutions, last week launched the PeriscopeCX customer experience management (CEM) system.

PeriscopeCX captures customer feedback at multiple touchpoints transforming customer feedback into an active, operational part of the decision-making process.

PeriscopeCX offers a set of data analysis processes and analytics that eliminate or flag suspicious datapoints so business decisions are made using the most accurate, reliable, and verifiable customer responses.

"Today customer experiences now occur through an unprecedented number of channels, so it is incredibly important to reliably compile this information, quickly analyze it, and present intelligent recommendations," said PeriscopeIQ chief operating officer and co-founder Mohamed Latib, in a statement. "Our voice of the customer (VOC) solution is easy-to-use, can be deployed cost-efficiently, and will give management accurate data through customizable dashboards to make major business and investment decisions.  That's the reason many large companies rely on our team for insights and intelligence solutions."

The new PeriscopeCX solutions provide insights in the following areas:

  • Customer Segmentation: Segmentation by demographics provides new insights about customer similarities and differences;
  • Customer and Operation Comparisons: Enables the organization to determine alignment between the customer experience and company initiatives;
  • Hierarchical Scorecarding: Quickly disseminate the right data, to the right people at the right time through fully customizable and secure scorecards reporting on customer experience metrics;
  • Easy Integration: PeriscopeCX is designed to function with most popular point of sale, CRM and dashboard solutions, requiring little or no additional IT resources; and
  • Validated Text Analytics: Provides detailed insight necessary for rapid action based on customer comments.

"With PeriscopeCX, we're providing an answer to businesses ongoing concerns as to whether a customer is having a positive experience and how they can tell with a high degree of certainty that the answer is reliable," Latib added.

Additional features of the PeriscopeCX system include the following:

  • On-the-fly performer rankings that include a date, day, and time stamp of the experience;
  • Detection of suspicious submissions;
  • Lost transaction analyses; and
  • An on-demand analytic engine that can handle limitless quantities of data.

"We know it is critical to help generate new revenue, which we help to achieve by identifying wavering customers, boosting customer service, identifying employee issues, and pinpointing areas to boost customer loyalty," said Pawan Singh, co-founder and CEO of PeriscopeIQ, in the statement. "This system provides trusted insights and assured results."

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