• June 18, 2012

Pegasystems Announces Sales Force Automation for Relationship Selling

Pegasystems today announced major new capabilities in its Pega Sales Force Automation (Pega SFA) solution, including the ability to tailor processes for different lines of business, territories, products, and customer segments.

Pega SFA allows users to do the following:

  • Intelligently guide sales representatives through interactions with customers and prospects;
  • Design and execute relationship sales strategies to maximize customer lifetime value;
  • Dynamically adapt sales processes for different contexts and situations;
  • Automate cross-functional sales-related tasks, such as approvals and order fulfillment;
  • Promote regulatory compliance; and
  • Support complex product offerings and bidding processes.

"Until now, there were no sales force automation solutions available for large, sophisticated enterprises to manage their sales process to ensure more deals were closed and more sales representatives were effective at building lasting customer relationships," said Steve Kraus, senior director of product marketing at Pegasystems, in a statement. "There is tremendous irony in the labeling of current offerings in the market as sales force automation solutions. These solutions are in fact primarily contact and lead tracking systems. What large organizations really want is to be able to create, evolve, and continuously improve their relationships with their customers and to leverage their unique sales process as a key differentiator.  How you sell is as important as what you sell. With Pega SFA sales representatives can now focus on what matters most: selling deals and building relationships."

"The enterprise sales force automation market has been noticeably under-served by antiquated approaches to sales force automation, said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pegasystems, in the statement. "Our Build for Change approach puts the R back into CRM. We make it easier for sophisticated organizations to focus on optimizing a customer-centric sales process that creates long-term relationships rather than short-term sales transactions. As the leader in process management, we believe we are in a good position to offer a new and exciting alternative to the one-size fits all technology currently offered by our competitors."

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