• July 14, 2020

Pega Introduces X-ray Vision, a Self-Healing RPA

Pegasystems today introduced ;X-ray Vision, a self-healing robotic process automation (RPA) capability to detect and fix broken bots without human intervention.

With X-ray Vision, Pega will expand on its patented Deep Robotics approach to RPA that durably binds the bot within native application controls instead of at the surface level. The new capabilities will leverage artificial intelligence for creating bots and keeping them running.

X-ray Vision can do the following:

  • Automate broken bot maintenance by detecting when bots break and fixing them on the fly. Machine learning will continually update the AI model to improve how it identifies and fixes broken bots over time.
  • Simplify bot authoring by using AI to automate the control identification.

Pega RPA, part of the Pega Infinity suite of digital transformation software, automates repetitive tasks. It uses its Deep Robotics to automate applications at the code level.

"While RPA is an important piece of the intelligent automation journey, most organizations eventually discover that bots can often be quite fragile and need constant and costly maintenance, which can negate some of the advantages RPA brings to the table," said Francis Carden, vice president of digital automation and robotics at Pega, in a statement. "With X-ray Vision, Pega has solved yet another key piece of the automation puzzle by deploying advanced RPA on a global scale. By making bots faster, easier to deploy, and more durable, RPA will become an even more reliable part of any enterprise's end-to-end automation strategy."

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