• February 23, 2012

Pardot Releases New Version of Its Marketing Solution

Pardot today announced new product features, including an enhanced visual editor and form builder, as part of its Winter 2012 product release to allow marketers to more easily create high-impact lead management campaigns.

The feature enhancements are part of Pardot's Winter 2012 product release.

"We're extremely excited about the new product features and our company's growth," said Zach Bailey, vice president of products at Pardot, in a statement."The new visual email editor is like giving our clients a personal graphic design resource, and the updated form builder ensures cleaner data in a marketer's database.

"As with most of our new features, these updates were requested by our clients," Bailey continued. "We'rethrilled that they care as much about marketing automation as we do, and we're more than happy to help them any way we can."

To make creating professional and impactful email campaigns even easier, Pardot has significantly upgraded its email editor by enhancing the visual capabilities of the tool. The new visual editor allows marketers to edit specific sections of their email (header, paragraph, sidebar, etc.) and customize each section with a few simple clicks. Pardot has also added 36 new out-of-the-box layout templates, including layouts with multiple columns and images that marketers can use to personalize email campaigns and reinforce their companies' brands.

The enhanced form builder from Pardot makes creating forms faster and easier. Using Pardot's new form builder, marketers can set individual form fields during the form creation process. Also, fields that are intended for use across multiple forms can be customized accordingly. For example, a form field can be displayed in English one place and in Spanish somewhere else.

The new product release follows last month's launch of the Pardot Now training program, providing new and experienced Pardot users with a wealth of training courses to enrich their marketing programs. In addition to twice-weekly Pardot Basics sessions, Pardot offers 18 training courses each month. Each class is focused on a specific Pardot feature and is designed to give users in-depth knowledge and actionable tips that can instantly improve their marketing operations.

"I've already learned so much from Pardot Now training sessions," said Jennifer Dossetti, Internet marketing manager at Nightingale Informix."Every session turns on a few light bulbs and makes me eager to get into the application so that I can apply what I have learned."

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