• December 15, 2011

Pardot Gives Marketers New Campaign Analysis Tools

Pardot has launched new reporting and analysis tools designed to help small business marketers improve campaigns and lead throughput. The cloud marketing automation vendor partnered with GoodData to deliver the functionality, which includes customizable dashboards, charts, and graphs.

The reporting tools, which are free to Pardot clients, offer visual evidence of campaign effectiveness across channels.

"Marketers are living in a new reality," said Adam Blitzer, co-founder and chief operating officer at Pardot. "Fuzzy concepts like branding are less important; data-based decisions matter most. Our new reporting and analysis tools allow marketers to make informed decisions in real time, while tracking performance for all their campaigns from a single, easy to use platform."

Marketers using the new reporting tools can create reports to track lead volume, lead throughput, and revenue generated from a given campaign, as well as prospect trends, such as content popularity over flexible time periods. The platform also allows marketers to send reports to internal and external audiences at scheduled intervals. For example, a marketing manager might set up a report that is automatically emailed to the executive team each Friday afternoon, showcasing key performance indicators from the week in an attractive graphical layout.

"Greater marketing accountability is a must today, as marketing takes on responsibility for more and more of the buying cycle," said Jesse Kliza, a Pardot user and director of marketing at Apprenda. "Pardot's integration with GoodData provides actionable insights into performance that every marketer should have. For us, it has been really powerful to have visibility into not only the source of each opportunity but also the top marketing activities influencing those buyers."

"Measuring campaign performance gives companies the insight they need to stay one step ahead of their competition," said Cody Crnkovich, senior director of powered-by partnerships at GoodData. "Developing key performance indicators early on means everyone in the organization can stay focused on a common goal and adjust strategy as needed throughout a campaign, rather than investing valuable resources without knowing what's working."

Following the release of Pardot Marketing Analytics Standard, clients who want to develop even more sophisticated reports can upgrade to a Premium level package. The Premium package will give users visibility into more complex data sets, including in-depth analysis of their individual sales and marketing pipelines.

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