• September 9, 2013

Paramore to Offer ClickTale In-Page Analytics

ClickTale, a provider of in-page analytics, today announced a collaboration with online marketing and interactive agency Paramore.

Paramore has integrated ClickTale's premier product, ClickTale Core, into its comprehensive analytics and optimization services that are mused by such key clients as Gatlinburg.com, Fristcenter.org and BluegrassCellular.com. The agency is also using the SaaS-based offering to optimize its own site, Paramoredigital.com.

Paramore is a full-service digital agency representing companies in a wide variety of industries, including travel, eCommerce, healthcare, and telecom. By using ClickTale Core to visualize user interaction by capturing every mouse move, click, hover, and scroll, Paramore can better understand how users interact with the Web sites it designs or maintains. This enables the agency to identify the content most valuable to users and make site improvements, such as changing Web form layout, to dramatically increase form completion rates.

"ClickTale's behavioral analytics mean we don't have to guess what users are doing on our Web sites. We can literally watch them use the Web sites and learn from what we see," said Scott Hutcheson, content director at Paramore, in a statement. "The ability to view anonymous browser session playbacks and heatmaps with drilldown capabilities of all user activity has completely changed the way we optimize Web properties for our clients."

Today's announcement builds on ClickTale's recent launch of its mobile solution, ClickTale Touch, which allows companies to view every tap, double tap, scroll, tilt, and pinch on the touch interface. ClickTale Touch complements ClickTale Core to provide a rich, comprehensive offering for both traditional and mobile Web sites.

"We are very pleased to be working with Paramore, an agency that truly understands the value of the insights uncovered by our solutions," said Oded Leiba, vice president of client services at ClickTale, in a statement. "Through our collaboration with companies like Paramore, in-page Web analytics is gaining wider exposure to a large audience poised to benefit from its capabilities."

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