• December 3, 2012

Omega Launches Market Intelligence Services

Omega Management Group announced today a new methodology designed to gather market intelligence for product/service performance and ongoing development. 

The new ROAR (Revenue Opportunity Actionable Research) program delivers market research to gather intelligence for any company's products and services that will provide a competitive edge.  ROAR helps customers gain insight into the linkage between product leadership and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ROAR comprises four major components for capturing and analyzing this market intelligence:

  • A comprehensive product/services survey that identifies key factors for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • An extensive competitive benchmark study that compares product/service performance to key competitors.
  • A custom market research study to identify future product/service enhancements that will provide a significant advantage in the marketplace.
  • An annual executive briefing on all the market research captured that includes analyzing data, drawing conclusions and making recommendations that will ultimately drive revenue and profits. 

          ROAR program fees begin at $15,000 per year and deliverables can include:

          Market Research Series Surveys

          • Product Performance Survey
          • Competitive Benchmark Survey
          • New Product Development Market Research Survey

          ScoreBoard Report Package

          • By product lines
          • By countries
          • Competition matrix

          Research Analysis Information Database (RAID)

          • Excel format all survey responses
          • Used for custom reporting and analysis

          Customer Satisfaction Report Card

          • Color trifold (ready for print)
          • Audit letter
          • Executive message
          • Summary survey satisfaction results
          • Useful in sales proposals / presentations

          Executive Briefing

          • Analyze / Draw Conclusions / Make Recommendations
          • Benchmark Analysis with direct competitors

          "Omega's CEM services have always focused on helping companies consistently exceed customer expectations for service and support," said John Maraganis, Omega's founder, president, and CEO, in a statement. "Naturally, customer satisfaction and loyalty are often linked to perceptions of their supplier's products and services.  With the ROAR program, we can now provide marketing, sales and product development groups the same in-depth research, analysis and recommendations we've always delivered to customer service executives. It's a one-two punch that is unmatched in our industry."

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