• October 2, 2012

Nimble Updates Its Social Relationship Manager

Nimble, has released the latest version of its social media management solution integrating social selling discovery, engagement, and collaboration. 
Nimble enables social contact management by combining contacts with email and other popular social communication platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, HubSpot, MailChimp, and foursquare.

"The core concept of sales hasn't changed since the beginning of time - it's just electronic and social now," said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble in a statement. "The power of social is that your customers are telling you about themselves and their needs. Now instead of sales people spending most of their time on non-selling activities like researching customers and data entry, they can spend more time engaging customers. We empower businesses to talk to their hottest prospects, at the best time on the most effective communications channel for each customer.

"On a daily basis, customers tell us they're buried by contacts, email communications and social conversations. They have great intentions to follow up on business contacts and nurture their social Rolodex, but don't have the time or proper tools to do it. With improved social selling discovery, Nimble turns contacts from a one-dimensional emails into rich, three-dimensional living and breathing persons."

Features of the new solution include the following:

  • Social Contact Discovery: Nimble has integrated with foursquare and shows shared connections from Facebook. When it's confident in a match, Nimble automatically associates Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles to a contact. 
  • Social Contact Engagement: Nimble looks at the social activity around you and picks out meaningful engagement opportunities with new and existing connections. These opportunities are delivered to your email inbox every morning with our Nimble Daily and include selected social notifications, birthdays, job changes, and upcoming tasks and meetings, as well as all people commenting, "liking," and "plus-ing" on social streams. Nimble also makes it easier to share with your social networks with a simpler UI and the ability to schedule future posts for optimum impact. Nimble tracks recent communication with each of your contacts. Now last-contacted information is highlighted and sortable. Soon Nimble will automatically remind you when a contact is slipping away and will ensure you stay top-of-mind with your most important contacts. This allows for tracking you and your team's conversations and updates the log automatically for measurable ROI and relationship density. Your Nimble contacts now follow you into your most-used app, Gmail, with new Rapportive integration. When you are reading an email from a Nimble contact, or hover your mouse over an email address in a thread, the contact details appear in the Rapportive widget. If the contact can't be found, you can easily import into Nimble with a single action. Plus it's easier to import large amounts of contacts, track your notes on each contact, and find your contacts with advanced search on custom fields. Now, you can see people who are in your database, while adding valuable contacts to Nimble for additional engagement opportunities.
  • Social Contact Collaboration: Now with task notifications, teams are more effective with Nimble. Notifications find you in your inbox, and soon in the Web application as well, and inform you when a team member assigns, reassigns, comments on, or completes a task and when it's overdue. Now, team members are more effective than ever with internal collaboration with everything on one page and no more missed opportunities with social streams.

Nimble is free for standalone personal users. Business and multi-users can sign up for Nimble at $15 per user per month. 

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