• January 26, 2012

New Satisfaction Index Reveals Most Satisfied Customers in the World

Zendesk, a provider of cloud-based help desk software, today introduced its new Customer Satisfaction Index, measuring customer happiness across 65 million consumers in 137 countries. This announcement comes on the heels of Zendesk announcing its 15,000th customer.

To create the Zendesk Customer Satisfaction Index, the company analyzed data from the Zendesk Customer Satisfaction Rating feature. After a customer service request is solved, companies can automatically contact their customers through Zendesk to collect feedback on their satisfaction with the service that was provided.

Taking a look at companies in the countries with high gross domestic product (GDP), there is an interesting spread of customer satisfaction, with Australia and Canada coming in at a very high 93 percent and India and France coming in at the bottom with 70 percent and 57 percent respectively.

Some of the rankings include the following:

  • Australia: 93 percent
  • Canada: 93 percent
  • Germany: 88 percent
  • United States: 87 percent
  • United Kingdom: 83 percent
  • Spain: 81 percent
  • Italy: 81 percent
  • Russia: 80 percent
  • Brazil: 79 percent
  • India: 70 percent
  • France: 57 percent

The highest ranked companies in countries receiving a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 93 percent or more include Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, New Zealand, and Thailand. The lowest ranked countries in customer satisfaction include Argentina, India, France, and Turkey.

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