• April 23, 2013

NICE Introduces Customer Engagement Analytics

NICE Systems today introduced its Customer Engagement Analytics platform, which combines interaction and transaction analytics. The platform allows organizations to capture and analyze big data generated by cross-channel customer engagement and map the entire customer journey.

The NICE Customer Engagement Analytics platform delivers a completepicture of the customer journey, both at the individual level by various groups and segments, and at the entire customer base level.

The offering features the following advanced technologies:

  • Multichannel collection of big data: The system collects data from customer interactions and transactions across various data sources, such as Web, email, phone, social media, and chats, and from different systems, such as CRM and billing. It also pre-processes the raw data for more efficient analysis.
  • Analyzing big data: NICE's analytics engine can interpret mass amounts of both structured and unstructured data, allowing organizations to perform customer journey mapping and visualization as well as repeat contact sequencing and trends.
  • Operationalizing big data: The insights extracted from the analytics of data serve as a catalyst for change within an organization, such as company-wide changes in business policies and processes, as well as more specific actions, including agent coaching and guidance.

The first solution to be launched on the Customer Engagement Analytics platform is Call Volume Reduction, while additional solutions, such as sales optimization and voice of the customer, are expected for release in the near future.

"Every customer journey provides a wealth of information about the individual and the service organization that can be harnessed for better business results," said Yochai Rozenblat, president of the NICE Customer Interactions Group, in a statement. "Our big data analytics platform provides organizations with the right tools and technologies to help them improve business performance. By delivering insights from the vast amount of data collected across interactions and transactions, our platform empowers organizations to better understand customers and their needs and to operationalize these insights in order to provide an exceptional customer experience."

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