• January 11, 2012

Mutare Refines its Enterprise Notification System

Mutare today released version 3.6 of its flagship Enterprise Notification System (ENS). This latest release features a more streamlined user interface and expanded broadcast capabilities for social media integration, native SMS support, instant messaging, and RSS feed integration. 

Following is a summary of new capabilities in version 3.6:

  • Instant Messaging: In addition to sending broadcast notices through phone, text, email, and pager, version 3.6 can also deliver the message as an IM pop-up on recipients’ desktops or Smartphones. This cuts through email and voicemail clutter, ensuring important notifications do not go unnoticed.
  • Twitter Support: ENS can take short broadcast messages and “tweet” to followers via an enterprise Twitter account. Like instant messaging, Twitter messages cut through email and voicemail clutter and can reach worldwide audiences in a matter of minutes. Messages can also be “re-tweeted” by followers amplifying the impact of a message.
  • RSS Integration: Administrators can  have the content of their broadcast messages automatically posted to feeds that post the messages automatically to Web sites, Facebook walls, Google Alerts, electronic message boards, and outdoor signage.
  • Need X People: ENS broadcasts can include a request for response from recipients. With version 3.6, administrators can select how many responses of one kind are needed, such as when filling absentee staff positions. Once the required number of responses is received, the system automatically notifies subsequent responders that the request has been fulfilled.
  • Retry Broadcast: ENS allows administrators to track response rates to a broadcast. If not satisfied with the number of acknowledgements, a second broadcast can be sent to all non- responders.
  • Native SMS and SMTP Support: Prior versions of ENS only supported SMTP email to deliver broadcasts as text messages. Version 3.6 overcomes this limitation with the ability to interface directly with an enterprise’s bulk SMS provider supporting unlimited SMS broadcasting.
  • Attach File: ENS now allows broadcasters to include a file attachment to email messages sent by the system, enabling rapid distribution of important materials to accompany the broadcast.
  • Web Initiation Page Customization: Mutare can customize the administrators’ “Initiate Broadcast” Web page to display only the notification methods they regularly use.

"At Mutare, we are continually taking advantage of emerging technologies and adapting our applications accordingly so they not only meet the current needs of our customers but also provide a platform that evolves along with future trends," said Ben Crown, president of Mutare, in a statement. "This most recent release of ENS is just one example of how flexibility, responsiveness, and innovation distinguish Mutare from our less agile competitors."

ENS version 3.6 is available today to new customers as well as current ENS customers under support. 

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