• February 13, 2012

Mutare Integrates Voicemail into Call Centers

Mutare this week is releasing its Message Monitor & Reporting and Mailbox Escalation solutions. When added to existing Modular Messaging, Communication Manager Messaging or Aura Messaging systems, these software applications automatically track voicemail activity, provide real-time analysis and reports, and escalate response to waiting messages on any selected mailboxes.

When paired with Mutare’s EVM Plus voicemail-to-email application, Monitor and Escalation not only assure adherence to service level agreements for better customer service, but also save time and labor through automated voice-to-text transcription and integration with other business processes. 

Message Monitor & Reporting is used by call center administrators to track and analyze voicemail activity in selected mailboxes. Often used to analyze and adjust call load distribution, the application can also be implemented enterprise-wide to flag any mailbox with un-played messages.

As an adjunct to Message Monitor, Mutare’s Mailbox Escalation application monitors the message waiting status on selected service voice mailboxes and sends a text notice in an escalating pattern to backup contacts, assuring quick response when the primary agent is unavailable.

Tracked information is written to a SQL database with fields such as mailbox/extension, what time the message was recorded, what time the message was played and/or deleted, and length of the message. From a secure Web site, administrators can literally watch voicemail activity in real time from any browser and run reports from the collected data that can be used to evaluate overall efficiency and responsiveness of the customer service, help desk, sales, or any other critical mailbox operations.

Mailbox Escalation not only provides notification of waiting call overflow messages during peak calling times, but also serves as an ideal after-hours and weekend notification solution, reducing the need for after-hour staffing.

EVM Plus works in conjunction with Monitor and Escalation delivering voice messages into email and streaming the audio to ensure monitor and escalation functions remain intact. EVM Plus can also transcribe the audio into text using Mutare’s giSTT speech-to-textservice. Messages can be appended right from the email inbox using Mutare’s exclusive “Activity Link” so agents can document post call follow up and with the click of a mouse enter the entire activity stream right into the CRM record, closing the loop on the business process.

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