• September 7, 2012

Mintigo Unveils Customer Search Engine

Mintigo  has released the Customer Search Engine, a demand generation platform that uses predictive analytics to help marketers find and engage prospects. With it, marketers can leverage the big data of the Web and social media to find prospects and target them effectively using intelligent insights.

When marketers use Mintigo, they receive a steady feed of insights about their prospects.  Mintigo uncovers "triggers" indicating customers' readiness to buy. Marketers use this information to determine when to send campaigns, targeting their campaigns to the customer groups most ready to buy.

The Customer Search Engine scans all publicly available online information, including social networks and unstructured content, to match prospects to a specific offer.  For every product or campaign, the Mintigo platform discovers a unique pattern called CustomerDNA  The Engine learns this pattern by example, so marketers see results without needing analytical skills or training. CustomerDNA draws upon a virtually unlimited set of data indicators, from keyword phrases in social posts to evidence of technologies in use. Mintigo's Engine searches millions of companies and can tailor results based on firmographic, organizational, technological, and behavioral data.    

"Marketers are asked to buy a lot of data and make sense of it," said  Jacob Shama, CEO of Mintigo, in a statement. "We think that's painful and ineffective. In today's world, the Web can be your database. We want marketers to use insights pulled directly from the Web today.  So we made it almost effortless for any marketer to use that data and engage their leads." 

Previously, the Customer Search Engine was in beta. Customers included Marketo, Edmunds.com, SugarCRM, and ClickSoftware. The first customers to join the beta reported campaign conversion two to three times better than traditional programs. Marketo reported 600 percent  ROI on its campaigns powered by Mintigo.

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