• May 26, 2011

MetraTech Releases MetraNet 6.4

MetraTech, aprovider of agreements-based billing and compensation solutions, has released MetraNet 6.4, the latest version of its billing and customer care solution delivered via an on-premises or hosted model.

MetraNet 6.4 introduces significant advances in ease-of-use across all functional touch points. For MetraNet users, it introduces a Unified User Interface across MetraCare, MetraOffer, and MetraControl. For MetraNet developers and partners, configurability of MetraNet is greatly expanded through additional functionality extensions to Business Modeling Entities and MetraFlow, and for Operations, new reports and tools, including MetraNet Diagnostics, contribute to faster implementation and easier operation.

The Active Customer Self-care capabilities in MetraNet 6.4 gives corporate users the power to interact with their invoices or statements. Customers can add comments, conduct queries, or begin a dispute/adjustment processes against line items without having to speak to a CSR. The system notifies a CRS that such queries have been made and an investigation or other action is required.

MetraNet 6.4 will shortly be in production at MetraTech's customer, MeetingZone. According to Tim Duffy, executive chairman at MeetingZone, upgrading to MetraNet 6.4 will be rewarding. "MetraTech has truly polished the unique and innovative capabilities of MetraNet in release 6.4. We are excited at the prospect of taking advantage of some of the new capabilities, particularly in the area of streamlined workflow, thanks to the single sign-on that allows us to create tailored, cross-functional views."

All of these new capabilities help MetraNet customers respond more quickly to the unique individual needs of their own customers, especially those of large enterprise accounts, without compromising performance or scalability. Additional highlights of the release include the following:

  • Unified User Interface - The functionality of MetraCare, MetraView, and MetraOffer is now accessed via a single sign-on. Using assigned roles and capabilities, tailored views can be created to meet the specific needs of product managers, customer care personnel and more.
  • MetraFlow - Improved tools and user interfaces have been added to MetraFlow, the MetraNet  processing engine, to help developers and systems integrators take better advantage of data processing capabilities. For example, a multi-threaded metering tool is now available for developers of applications with highly-concurrent data flows from OLTP clients.&
  • Compound Business Model Entities< Extending the innovation of Business Modeling Entities introduced in Release 6.1, multiple associated entities can be easily added to the data model through a simple GUI-driven process. For example, an existing invoice record can be augmented with fields for “amount under dispute” and “reason for dispute,” all via an easy-to-use, GUI-driven process. The new entities will then be automatically available as needed in workflows, APIs and user interfaces across the entire range of charging, billing, settlement and customer care functionality. In addition, these necessary but additive business entities can be made available for further configuration and automatic persistence throughout MetraNet—all without the time and expense of custom coding or new systems.

"Service industries are under significant pressure to innovate their product offerings as a means of securing market share. Billing system configurability and control are critical ingredients in the race to be first," said Scott Swartz, CEO and founder of MetraTech. "Our customers and partners can count on MetraNet 6.4 as a strategic asset in their customer-driven innovation efforts."

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