• November 28, 2012

Messagemind Unveils New Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform

Messagemind, an enterprise social network intelligence company, unveiled a new platform designed to identify, consolidate, and monetize the collective social intelligence of an entire organization. The Messagemind platform silently and securely listens to the natural actions that occur within organizations, including scheduled meetings and email authored and read, use of CRM systems, customer service tools, and other applications.

Messagemind's new platform extracts data and cross-references it against both internal and external sources, resulting in centralized, accurate, and streamlined social information center. Thus, business executives can locate the most business-critical connections in one portal and effectively leverage relationships.

The platform incorporates specialized solutions, each addressing a specific area of enterprise social intelligence. RelationshipMind is an enterprise relationship navigator, identifying internal and external social connections and rating the strength and closeness of those professional relationships. RelationshipSync is the universal contact management system. The tool controls the listening function of the platform and has the capability to create accurate contact profiles. ExpertMind locates subject matter experts within and outside the enterprise by understanding what they do and with whom they most often interact. Each solution can operate separately or together to map internal and external social connections.

"Our platform is unique in the way it's able to capture and combine an organization's collective internal and external social intelligence, while meeting enhanced privacy requirements of global enterprises," said Manish Sood, CEO and co-founder of Messagemind, in a statement. "The goal is to help companies and their employees identify the right connections so that as a result, they're able to work smarter, perform better and reach success more effectively."

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