• October 25, 2012

Message Systems Introduces the Customer Conversation Hub

Message Systems has released the Customer Conversation Hub, a packaged on-premises software solution that enables enterprises to manage all of their customer messaging operations from a single point of control.

 The Customer Conversation Hub enables even large enterprises to carry on interactive dialogue with their customers across the full range of messaging formats: email, text, and more. With the Customer Conversation Hub in place, companies can orchestrate customer communications based on real-time insight.

"The Customer Conversation Hub is the fullest realization of our vision for using intelligent digital messaging to drive more effective customer engagement, higher revenue, and greater business value," said George Schlossnagle, president and CEO of Message Systems, in a statement. "We're already seeing Message Systems clients using the Customer Conversation Hub to boost engagement and drive increased revenue by conducting two-way interactions informed by real-time data. With the ability to carry on customer conversations that cut across message formats and organizational divides, businesses can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to cement more beneficial relationships. Wherever the business-to-consumer conversation can benefit from more immediacy, greater relevance, and sharper insight, the Customer Conversation Hub can provide measureable value in addressing many of today's most pressing customer communication challenges." 

As a packaged solution, the Customer Conversation Hub provides functionality for message creation and origination, message stream insight and results reporting, and a policy engine for rules-based management of messages to support event-triggered, real-time, and customer preference-driven interactions. Additionally, the Customer Conversation Hub supports cross-channel message delivery and content transformation, and is designed to maintain a safe, secure messaging environment compliant with the DMARC standards. 

With this set of features and capabilities, the Customer Conversation Hub serves as a single point of control for all customer messaging operations. Organizations can tap any data source to gain customer insight and inform more contextually rich interactions that play out according to your customer's preferences.  

Several Message Systems clients, including US Airways and XING, the German social network for business professionals, have already implemented the Customer Conversation Hub.

"While many enterprises still view customer communication largely in terms of one-way mass email marketing, consumers prefer two-way dialogue based on a set of characteristics that foster conversation," said Holger Bürger, director of site operations at XING, in the statement. "What we're seeing with the Message Systems Customer Conversation Hub is an innovative response to the new customer communications landscape. Engagement today is largely dependent on immediacy, individualized content, and two-way capabilities in every message format. 

"Also key is the ability of the business to maintain a coherent dialogue with the customer as the conversation moves from one part of the organization, marketing for instance, to another, such as customer care or the service organization," he continued. "The kind of customer-focused integrated messaging capability provided by the Customer Conversation Hub represents a real advance in customer engagement technology, and will certainly help XING to connect more effectively with our highly mobile, smartphone-equipped members."

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