• December 18, 2012

MediaFunnel Launches to Help Companies Manage Social Media

MediaFunnel, a social media management platform that offers an integrated combination of outbound publishing features and audience engagement capabilities, today announced the release of customizable customer service quality assurance protocols for the social channel.

MediaFunnel addresses the three key areas that drive the quality of the overall brand experience in the social sphere: outbound communication, audience engagement, and premium customer service throughout all social touch points.

In addition to MediaFunnel's fully featured publishing and engagement tools, the ability to create customizable user roles and capabilities at a granular level ensures that only authorized personnel are responding to customer inquiries and comments in the social sphere. 

The customer service ticketing workflow tool lets users capture, route, and track inbound communication until resolution is achieved. The tracking system maintains a communication log that provides brand advocates with access to the entire communication string in the social sphere. Administrators can assign tickets to specific personnel who are best equipped to handle incoming inquiries. 

"At MediaFunnel we designed our product with our customers' customers in mind. We recognize that the social channel is growing and evolving quickly and dramatically and that our customers' customers now consider social media a brand portal that extends to customer service," said Andreas Wilkens, CEO and co-founder of MediaFunnel, in a statement. "Because the social channel's influence on the customer service experience is significantly increasing, we believe that it's critical to provide our customers with the tools they need to deliver against these expectations. And, by delivering better customer service in the social sphere, retention and lifetime value improves. At the end of the day, we know that this is what matters to our customers."  

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