• September 17, 2013

Marketo Integrates with Certain and Cloudwords

Marketo, provider of a cloud-based marketing software platform, today announced separate integrations with Certain, a provider of event management software, and Cloudwords, provider of a cloud-based translation management application.

The integration between the Certain and Marketo platforms enables marketers to leverage existing marketing data across all marketing channels and enhance that data with the rich attendee profiles gathered during events to better understand and target buyers. It will allow marketers to better understand who is attending their events, exactly where they are in the sales cycle, and what needs to happen before, during, and after an event to accelerate attendees' movement through the cycle.

Certain will become a strategic partner within Marketo's LaunchPoint ecosystem, which provides complementary marketing solutions. As part of the partnership, Certain will bring to marketers an enterprise-class event management solution that fully leverages the marketing automation platform to deliver more valuable business relationships.

"Our partnership and integration with Marketo enables marketers to leverage and measure events in the same way as other marketing channels," said Peter Micciche, CEO at Certain, in a statement. "Truly personalized event experiences come to life through our integrated platforms, which deliver events that are more productive for attendees and immensely more valuable for the marketers that host them."

"Events represent one of marketing automation's last frontiers and an enormous untapped opportunity for marketers with the right tools," said Robin Bordoli, vice president of partner ecosystems at Marketo, in a statement. "We're pleased to have Certain as a strategic partner and look forward to a successful collaboration."

The Cloudwords integration creates opportunities for multilingual content management for all marketing assets. It will enable users to accelerate and simplify the process of localizing all types of marketing materials to increase global go-to-market timelines and reach multilingual audiences faster. The new Cloudwords integration for Marketo will initially be offered to a select number of companies prior to expanded rollout in early 2014.

Using Cloudwords, marketing departments can eliminate the process of manually managing localization projects. Through Cloudwords' integration, content is moved automatically in and out of Marketo, and project collaboration and approval processes are streamlined, resulting in shorter time-to-completion for the localization of all marketing content.

Additional benefits of Cloudwords' integration with Marketo include the following:

  • Centralization of all multilingual content associated with marketing campaigns, regardless of content type, including email, html, video, audio, PDFs, landing pages, snippets, etc., or where content is created, stored or shared;
  • Elimination of localization bottlenecks;
  • Hosted translation memory, storing and sharing already-approved translations with all departments and vendors; and
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities that enable marketers to align their content localization strategy with their global go-to-market strategy.

For marketing content to be effective on a global scale and engage multilingual audiences, "localization is absolutely a necessity," said Scott Yancey, CEO and co-founder of Cloudwords, in a statement. "Leveraging the collective power of Cloudwords and Marketo, localization of marketing materials is easier and faster than ever. Together with Marketo, we deliver the Holy Grail for any marketing executive: faster time to revenue worldwide."

"Many Marketo customers have a global prospect base and require localization of their marketing assets. With Cloudwords, customers will have access to a leading cloud-based translation management application that will help them easily manage multilingual global marketing campaigns," Bordoli said in a statement.

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