• October 14, 2011

Marketo Adds to Its Revenue Performance Management Suite

Marketo today announced the latest enhancements to its Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) and Marketo Lead Management(MLM) products, adding insights into marketing program effectiveness, as well as advanced social media and integration capabilities.

Building on the innovation themes of the Marketo NEXT release in late May, new features in the product suite include the following:

  • A greater level of insight into the impact of individual marketing programs and entire channels, such as event marketing versus email marketing.
  • Acquisition Attribution, which keeps track of which marketing programs are sourcing new leads and measures the downstream revenue impact of these programs by providing such metrics as total new opportunities, pipeline, and closed revenue.
  • Success Attribution, which differentiates the value of each individual touch, helping marketers understand which programs are most effective at converting existing leads to opportunities and closed deals, and which reached program goals.
  • Social sharing of landing pages and reporting. Users can add social sharing buttons to landing pages, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Marketers can keep track of the leads generated by social visitors, including when prospective customers share Web content with their friends and colleagues, allowing marketers to identify the key influencers in their networks.
  • Extended reach into CRM solutions with native APIs. A new set of application programming interfaces (APIs) are now available for integrating data about sales opportunities into Marketo. Customers with any type of customer relationship management (CRM) solution can leverage sales revenue data within Marketo to further enhance segmentation, campaign execution, and revenue cycle analysis.
  • Personalized Landing Pages that let users insert content based on any combination of program, lead, company, system, and member data through a single template across multiple recipients.
  • Configurable Sales Insight, to help sales reps better prioritize leads based on what is relevant to their companies. Users can customeize the "Best Bets" calculation so they choose which value determines the best lead quality and urgency.
  • Support for Firefox v6 and Chrome.

"More than ever, marketing organizations are being asked to spend budgets more effectively, only investing in the most impactful programs, while trimming others. Marketo gives them the insight and precision to not only succeed in this, but also get credit they deserve in the sales opportunities they're influencing," said Paul Albright, chief revenue officer at Marketo. "Our new enhancements give marketers the chance to truly affect their company's revenue and to own their seat at the bigger revenue table."

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