• February 28, 2013

Maritz and Badgeville Join Forces to Gamify Customer and Employee Loyalty

Maritz, a provider of customer loyalty and employee motivation services, and Badgeville, the gamification platform provider, have partnered to bring greater value to gamified solutions for social loyalty, customer advocacy, and employee recognition.

Badgeville enables Maritz Motivation Solutions clients to track and influence user behavior across their Web sites, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. Additionally, Badgeville clients now have access directly to Maritz Motivation Solutions' enterprise-quality rewards and fulfillment services and solutions, enabling businesses to offer a full suite of virtual and tangible incentives for their gamification programs.

Maritz and Badgeville's customers can now do the following:

  • Reward all customer and employee behaviors across their Web, mobile and enterprise applications;
  • Access a robust offering of virtual and tangible, "real-world" rewards to drive program participation;
  • Encourage key behaviors, such as employee collaboration, social referrals, knowledge sharing, or writing reviews;
  • Offer instant, real-time positive feedback for customer and employee behavior; and
  • Enable Behavior Data Analytics to gain deep insight into these high-value user behaviors.

"At the very core, loyalty and incentive programs are about changing behavior. We do this by providing effective program design and personally meaningful rewards," said Nicki Powers, engagement strategist at Maritz Motivation Solutions, in a statement. "Through our work with the Maritz Institute, our extensive research has consistently proven that people are motivated by the opportunity to earn status, recognition, and reputation just as they are by the opportunity to earn rewards of economic value. Badgeville's Behavior Platform, in partnership with Maritz Motivation Solutions, is the only gamification solution on the market which enables businesses to benefit from all aspects of these behavior-driving techniques, from game mechanics to social mechanics, from reputation points to reward points, and to have the sophisticated behavioral data to gain valuable insights about what drives people to interact and stay engaged with these programs across their enterprise."

"The gap between traditional loyalty programs and modern gamified experiences is closing, thanks to the innovation by long-time global loyalty leaders such as Maritz Motivation Solutions, who understand that modern loyalty requires an update to address the digital lives of our customers and employees," said Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville, in a statement. "We are honored to partner with a recognized leader in loyalty and redemption services, and to provide best-in-class gamification solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions customers."

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