• December 1, 2011

MailChimp Announces Visual Application for Creating Email Campaign Sequences

MailChimp earlier this week released ChimpMap, a new service that allows subscribers to create email campaign sequences. These chained campaigns let MailChimp subscribers automate the email marketing process and test the workflow.

Actions, like opens and clicks, dictate which email on the campaign map readers will receive next. ChimpMap lets users plan sequences like these before hand, turning multi-sequence campaigns into a "fire and forget" operations. Its interface is simple to use, and lays out this seemingly tricky process in a clean, attractive way.

Chimpmap is designed for advanced email marketers looking for more control over their campaign workflow than offered by MailChimp’s Autoresponder. With ChimpMap it is easy to readjust the designed workflow simply by dragging and dropping the sequence of email campaigns in the visual dashboard.

MailChimp subscriber who need to promote upcoming events can first set up maps of their corresponding email marketing campaigns within ChimpMap. The event planner can select existing campaigns in the ChimpMap interface, or add new ones. They then pick which campaigns to include, and link them with contingent actions. Once it's mapped out, the initial campaign can be launched.

ChimpMap is currently a free service.

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