• June 11, 2012

Loqate Releases Register Product for Real-Time Address Capture and Verification

Loqate today announced the general availability of the Register component of The Loqate Engine. Register is designed for integration into any application that that requires instant address verification and enhancement at the point of entry.

Typical applications that benefit from Register include CRM, call-center, Web forms, e-commerce, and any system where address information is captured.

Register is based on the same underlying technology and Global Knowledge Repository (GKR) that powers the Verify and Geocode components. All of the features and benefits of those proven Loqate components are available to Register including real-time address verification for more than 240 countries and in 10 languages or character sets.

Register can be accessed through The Loqate Cloud or Loqate Enterprise Server installed locally at an organization.

Register combines the existing technology that powers Verify and Geocode with new Parsing, Query, and Format capabilities recently delivered to Loqate OEMs, resellers, and customers. Register allows direct application control over access to the rich reference data, context rules, and lexicon in the Loqate Global Knowledge Repository. Application developers can use Register functionality to dynamically search using partial address information and access the information in the GKR to verify an address in real-time and even complete the address using auto-complete dynamic search.

Benefits of Register include:

  • Improve customer experience by minimizing data entry requirements. Reduce keystrokes by up to 80 percent in applications where addresses are captured. Users are not required to spell out or type the complete address.
  • Ensure accuracy and better business processes in which address is a critical component from the point of entry into the database.
  • End-users can type in their native languages. Ten character sets are available: Latin, Kanji (Japanese), Cyrillic (Russia), Hellenic (Greece), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Hangul (South Korea), Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic.
  • Auto-complete address data based on location and partial information.
  • Enable first time delivery of goods through the capture of accurate addresses.
  • Highlight potential fraud through instant verification of customer details.
  • Reduce response time in live customer facing situations.
  • Decrease time on hold or on the phone for customers.
  • Increase use of customer service personnel.
  • Drive better customer analytics.

"Simply improving the quality of addresses already in an application is not enough. Address information needs to be correct from the time that information is acquired," said Martin Turvey, CEO and president of Loqate, in a statement. "Too many organizations are basing critical business processes, customer interaction, and management decisions based on incorrect or outdated location intelligence. Register brings the ability to dramatically increase the quality of location information starting that the most critical point."

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