• October 11, 2013

LogMyCalls Releases Conversation Analytics

LogMyCalls yesterday launched Conversation Analytics call tracking, which analyzes the call conversation and extracts marketing and sales data.

Conversation Analytics uses speech recognition to hear the words, phrases, intonation, volume, and silence on every call. That data is then pumped through thousands of algorithms that simultaneously analyze the conversation for useful indicators. Based on the words said during the call, Conversation Analytics can determine if a caller was a good lead, assess the quality of agents, monitor compliance, determine sales readiness of prospects, track competitor mentions, track customer agitation, and even determine close rates, all without listening to a single call.

Webhooks within LogMyCalls, triggered by Conversation Analytics data, automate actions within CRM, real-time bidding tools, marketing automation platforms, and mobile marketing tools. Webhooks can alert sales reps of hot leads, notify management and clients of marketing ROI, assign learning modules, reassign leads, and even send prospects email or text messages.

"We're no longer merely a call tracking company," said CEO Jason Wells in a statement. "Conversation Analytics takes the very traditional and old-school call tracking and makes it obsolete. We're actually analyzing call conversations in real time. We're telling you what prospects, customers, and sales reps say on the call. Businesses can now get this data without listening to a single phone call."

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