• May 29, 2012

LocalResponse Launches ‘Intent Targeted’ Advertising

LocalResponse on Friday launched its Intent Targeted advertising product; a  new way for brands to connect with consumers based on real-time social media expression.

Now, for the first time, brands in nearly any industry, from fragrance, to food and beverage, or automotive, can serve up display ads specifically to consumers that have expressed interest in the brand via public social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

"Our ability to make ads more relevant by customizing them based off social media expression allows us to target against very unique data sets, which creates a massive opportunity for advertisers to achieve engagement on campaigns that are in many instances two or three times greater than any campaign they’ve been able to run before," said Kathy Leake, president and co-founder of LocalResponse, in a statement.

Through its ad display platform, LocalResponse mines public social media channels to find consumers who have expressed interest in a particular brand or lifestyle associated with the brand. LocalResponse then delivers that brand display ad specifically to those consumers who match the criteria of public intent. For example, a ‘tweet’ from a user saying they are looking to trade in their BMW X5 could result in an Audi Q7 banner ad appearing on that same consumer’s desktop.

Intent targeting solves a major problem for the multi-billion dollar digital online display advertising market that has suffered from poor targeting capabilities and lackluster contextual offers. By providing a unique opportunity for brands to effectively listen to consumer expressions via public social media channels and mine interest-based keywords, brands can now tailor products and services to those needs.

LocalResponse launched its first retargeting campaign product late last year based on Twitter check-ins and has already generated impressive results from big-name advertisers such as General Motors, Aveda, and Coca-Cola, to name a few. The company’s Web retargeting ad network can now mine unique data sets across any number of public-facing social media sites, allowing any merchant to target a social media user’s behavior such as check-ins, status updates, photos, tweets, retweets, as well as location-based intent.

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