• May 7, 2012

Lithium Launches Social Strategy Methodology

Lithium Technologies unveiled its Social Tornado framework, which will enables brands to set a strategic context for social customer initiatives that improves both the power and performance of their social programs. The framework was developed in collaboration with Geoffrey Moore, business strategist and best-selling author of Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, and Escape Velocity.

The new strategic service will be shared with clients through a Social Deployment Playbook, co-created by Moore and Lithium. The methodology begins with an assessment that reflects the baseline activities of acquisition, engagement, monetization, and enlistment strategies and how they work together to increase overall customer virality.

"It seems to me that customer interaction is stuck," Moore said in a statement. "Every brand wants to be digital, social, mobile, and global, but they are struggling with this new consumer context and they lack an inventory of proven go-to programs to execute this transformation. Lithium is helping executives set a new mental model on how these emerging social programs can drive quantifiable success."

Rob Tarkoff, Lithium's president and CEO, added: "Every brand wants to become truly viral and achieve the full power of word-of-mouth marketing and peer-to-peer support. The Social Tornado looks at how owning engagement and enlistment strategies can strengthen customer virality and give you the greatest returns on your social customer experience investments."

Lithium is using the Social Tornado framework as a foundation for collaborating with its ecosystem of digital agency partners that provide strategic advisory services and creative advice on developing impactful social customer experiences. It will launch the methodology to an exclusive set of agency partners during Social Tornado Bootcamps in both New York and London early in the third quarter.

Chris Davey, worldwide head of commerce and innovation at SapientNitro, said: "This is the type of thought leadership that new practice areas are built upon. Moore's framework combined with Lithium's deep understanding of engagement and enlistment strategies as well as SapientNitro's customer engagement capabilities allows us to open a whole new set of digital strategy conversations with our clients. We’re interested in transformative stories and this allows us to bring to life best of breed solutions for the market."

Andy Peebler, executive vice president and head of national business development at Acquity Group, said: "Consumers are continuing to interact with brands in new and different ways, disrupting traditional marketing and support models. Moore's framework combined with Lithium's innovative platform capabilities provides the leading brands that we work with a truly actionable framework for creating meaningful engagement with their customers. Strategic thinking can ultimately fall flat if there isn't a tangible method for putting those strategies to work, and this new program will help Acquity Group continue to convert strategies to meaningful and measurable action."

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