• April 17, 2013

Lionbridge Unveils GeoFluent Translation for Search Engine Discoverability

Lionbridge Technologies has enhanced its GeoFluent Community Solution, a real-time translation technology for enterprise social communities.

The new enhancements include an advanced search engine indexing capability that creates and serves multilingual content to search engines from organizations’ existing community sites, including technical support forums,wikis and blogs. This new functionality allows community site visitors to access user content in the English support forum in their own language and engage with other community members across geographies.

GeoFluent couples advanced language processing with sophisticated machine translation through a patent-pending solution that overcomes grammatical errors, shorthand, and other linguistic irregularities. Through partnerships with Lithium, LivePerson, Moxie, and Telligent, GeoFluent enables chat solutions, communities, forums, wikis, and blogs to support all users, regardless of preferred language, without the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple language-specific sites. With it, enterprises can now do the following:

  • Improve Organic SEO: With GeoFluent, new content can be indexed in multiple languages, providing a significant lift in organic non-English search results.
  • Increase Non-English Call Deflection: GeoFluent increases community participation and utilization by allowing every visitor to read and post in their native language, reducing costly service calls. 
  • Leverage Global “Super Users”: GeoFluent extends the experience and knowledge of subject matter experts across a truly global audience, regardless of language.  This allows Super Users to drive conversation, create a deeper connection and build brand loyalty with community members across geographies. 
  • Preserve Company Branding: GeoFluent preserves key brand terms, names, glossary and nomenclature to guarantee accurate brand messaging regardless of the language into which the content is translated.

"Many community managers have attempted to create separate communities for every market in every language, but despite an expensive investment in licenses, setup, and support, most communities fail to engage the critical mass of users needed to successfully populate these communities," said Marcus Casal, director of product management at Lionbridge, in a statement. "With GeoFluent Community Solutions, community managers can more accurately and seamlessly translate both brand content and user generated content into multiple languages in real-time, allowing for up-to-date indexing by search engine crawlers. This ensures all content is instantly available when a user initiates a search in their native language, thereby increasing community traffic by up to ninety-percent for each additional language."

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