• October 20, 2011

Limelight Partners with Demandbase to Help B2B Marketers Deliver Personalized Web Site Experiences

Limelight Networks' Limelight Dynamic Site Platform will provide an integrated link to Real-Time ID technology from Demandbase, a technology company providing B2B marketing performance-improvement solutions.

By combining these solutions, B2B marketers can optimize the Web site experience by tailoring content to site visitors using real-time data. Marketers can target prospects who would otherwise be anonymous by company, industry, size, and geography, resulting in improved site engagement and increased sales opportunities.

"We're thrilled to partner with Demandbase," says Jeff Freund, vice president and general manager of the Web Content Management Group at Limelight Networks. "The quality and depth of data that they provide allows marketers to deliver a truly personalized Web experience to prospects, resulting in increased Web site conversions and better qualified sales leads.

"The Web site is one of the most important touch-points for prospects, but most corporate Web sites are not optimized based on information about the specific companies visiting them. Rather than employ a one-size-fits-all approach, B2B marketers must engage buyers through more customized Web site experiences," he continued. "By combining these offerings, marketers will have the data and flexible Web content management tools that they need to adapt the site experience for each visitor, regardless if they are anonymous or identified."

Limelight Dynamic Site Platform leverages the Demandbase Real-Time ID API to provide key data for marketers, including firmographic information such as the visitor's company, industry, company size, revenue, and customer status (new prospect, existing customer, competitor, etc.). Using their own business logic, marketers can then incorporate this information into Dynamic Site Platform to deliver targeted content, promotions, and calls-to-action that turn anonymous visitors into qualified leads.

The solution offers the following features:

  • Anonymous Visitor Identification:Information about each site visitor is actionable, including location, company, company size, and industry
  • Account Based Visitor Management: B2B sales in an account based selling model with multiple contacts per account; Web site marketing should follow this same model to maximize its influence on the buying process;
  • Visitor Segmentation: Map both anonymous and known visitors to target market segments based on firmographic, demographic, and given information;
  • Progressive Profiling: More information about site visitors is captured over time by orchestrating the questions each visitor is asked as they navigate the site within and between visits;
  • Personalization and Targeted Content: Targeted content, promotions, and calls-to-action are delivered based on profile criteria, such as interests, industry, buying stage, lead score, number of visits, title, etc.;
  • Reporting and Analytics: Conversions and engagement are tracked to provide analysis and reporting on what content is driving visitor behavior, how effective the Web site is at driving lead qualification, and opportunities to refine the progressive profiling process.

According to a survey that we recently completed, B2B corporate Web sites are recognized to be the leading demand generation tool for new sales leads," said Greg Ott, chief marketing officer at Demandbase. "However, 80 percent of our survey respondents noted that Web sites are not performing to their maximum lead generation potential, mainly because B2B marketers are having difficulty optimizing site performance and analyzing viewer behavior once visitors arrive on the site. Our partnership with Limelight allows marketers to effectively address this challenge by identifying the visiting companies—previously anonymous traffic—and tailoring their site experiences."

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