• April 24, 2012

Knoa Software Launches EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM

Knoa Software, a provider of end-user experience and performance management software, today announced the availability of Knoa Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM.

This latest platform offers Oracle Siebel CRM users detailed reports and metrics that help identify, prioritize, and take action on end-user experience and performance issues impacting adoption and effectiveness. With Knoa EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM, there is immediate data available to the support teams on potential errors, both system and user, that can be leveraged to assist in resolving issues. Both the quantity and length of phone calls to resolve user issues can be reduced, often by 10 percent to 20 percent or more.

"Too many companies make the mistake of investing in expensive technologies that are underutilized because they have no way to track usage or effectiveness," said Thad Eidman, CEO of Knoa Software, in a statement. "Companies that do not analyze the technology's usage are putting themselves at a disadvantage with regard to productivity and getting the most out of their IT investments. With Knoa EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM, you can connect to all of the sources of Siebel user information, both offline and online, discover key metrics through our analytics dashboard, and then optimize user performance on a broad scale to deliver return on investment."

Knoa EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM goes beyond the performance of networks, hardware, and infrastructure, providing a clear view of how users actually interact with the system, screen by screen. It lets IT proactively assess each user's performance, understand how each user navigates the Siebel application, and provides an early indication to user inconsistencies before they reach the support desk or the customer. Knoa EPM 7.0 for Oracle Siebel CRM helps companies substantially reduce the hard dollar costs associated with IT support and training expenses, align users to best practices, and reinforce compliance. It also provides the IT team with unique metrics on user performance that can support problem identification and an overall IT deployment strategy.

"CRM implementations are costly and often heavily scrutinized from the top down," said Ajit Kumbhare, co-founder and managing partner of Serene, a Siebel CRM user and Knoa customer, in the statement. "Knoa's EPM solutions bring a level of granularity, measurement, and accountability for Siebel that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. There is potentially more value in user experience management than in all of the other software in the application performance management space. Knoa EPM will help us and our clients determine how their Siebel applications are being utilized and whether there are more effective ways to leverage the technology. Knoa EPM positions our customers to deliver new and increased ROI from their Siebel deployments and to improve operations significantly."

"Serene is an example of a tremendous Siebel partner success story," added Joe Lawless, global vice president of sales at Knoa Software. "Serene's expertise in working with Siebel software and customers enables them to immediately recognize the value of user experience management for their customers. They have a global team fully experienced in optimizing the Siebel en

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