• July 25, 2013

Kana Makes Its Government Apps Mobile

Kana Software is bringing the power of mobility to local governments with today's release of Lagan Employee Mobile, a mobile app designed specifically to support the needs of government employees in the field.

Lagan Employee Mobile supports real-time, anywhere management of work orders resulting from 311 (non-emergency) calls by citizens. Examples include tree trimming, street and street light repairs, graffiti removal, and abandoned vehicles.

With this app, workers can view, accept, update, and close work orders while in the field on iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. The solution can accommodate large amounts of text, maps, and other graphical elements required for pinpointing the exact location of work sites.

Lagan Employee Mobile helps public works employees create new cases without the need for paper forms or calling into a dispatcher. It's as simple as creating a new case, marking the location on a map, attaching photos, and closing out the case before leaving the site. They can also reassign cases to other departments or entities as needed. Real-time updates significantly reduce time to resolution.

Lagan Employee Mobile can be used in wireless or offline environments. If there is poor mobile connectivity, employees can update existing cases and create new ones, and synch updates with Lagan Enterprise once a connection is established. Should a device break or a battery run out, users can switch between devices by downloading the app and logging in using their Lagan ID and password.

For local government agencies that have implemented mobile applications to support citizen engagement, leveraging Lagan Employee Mobile to support improved collaboration for workers extends the mobility value proposition for end-to-end case management.

"Mobility is ushering in new efficiencies for local government," said David Moody, head of worldwide product strategy at Kana Software, in a statement. "Lagan Employee Mobile brings the power of mobility to Main Street in municipalities around the country and indeed the world, helping local governments tackle the day-to-day tasks that improve the quality of life for millions of citizens."

A long-time Kana Lagan local government customer, the city of Minneapolis plans to take advantage of the new Lagan Employee Mobile solution.

"Last July, we introduced our Minneapolis 311 mobile app for citizens," said Minneapolis 311 Director Don Stickney in a statement. "And now many city public works employees are clamoring to have the power of mobile to support greater efficiencies in their work in the field. The Lagan Employee Mobile solution will allow us to leverage mobility to enhance the speed and economics of service delivery.”

Lagan Employee Mobile is available now as part of the latest Lagan Enterprise customer service suite.

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