• March 9, 2011
  • By Koa Beck, Editorial Assistant, CRM magazine

JetBlue Partners with Allegiance

JetBlue Airways has partnered with Allegiance, a provider of voice of the customer intelligence technology and services, to better understand customer and crewmember feedback.

The New York-based carrier, already a six-time recipient of J.D. Power & Associates' "Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low-Cost Carriers in North America" ranking, plans to use the Allegiance Engage platform, a cloud-based customer intelligence solution, to translate real-time customer and crewmember feedback into business intelligence.

JetBlue, known for its Customer Bill of Rights, has chosen the Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that synthesizes customer feedback across multiple channels, providing direction to both the operations and commercial teams based on the customer’s perspective. JetBlue selected Allegiance because of the company’s ability to address the many channels and elements of customer feedback in one integrated platform.

Bonny Simi, director of customer experience and analysis at JetBlue, explains that the allegiance platform will integrate with JetBlue’s existing text analytics solution to integrate unstructured data with more traditional VoC survey data. This integration will allow company leaders to instantly find actionable insights into the customer experience. Simi also says JetBlue plans to combine VoC data with operational data, such as on-time performance, to give a more complete view of the customer experience.

JetBlue, which serves 64 cities with more than 600 flights a day, and Allegiance plan to link the two key measures of customer and crewmember Net Promoter scores. Although Simi did not comment further on this initiative, she confirmed that JetBlue plans to deploy the Allegiance platform this summer. “We want to put customer data in the hands of our leaders so they will be able to create specific actions from customer insights and then allow them to measure the success of their initiatives,” she says. “This makes customer insight scalable across a large organization rather than siloed in a small analytical team. Our deployment of Allegiance will incorporate custom dashboards that the C-level leaders can use to identify trends and keep track of high-level issues, while front-line leaders will be able to use dashboards and data to measure the customer and employee experience for their specific location, product, or department.”

The Allegiance multichannel feedback collection product includes ad-hoc, transaction, relationship, and customer experience surveys, solicited feedback through Web sites and phone, and unsolicited, unstructured feedback from social media.

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