• April 15, 2013

Jacada Releases Visual IVR Plus

Jacada, a provider of customer service technology, has introduced Visual IVR Plus, designed for mobile and Web-based customer service applications.

Designed with patent-pending technology to use a company's existing interactive voice response scripts, Visual IVR Plus presents users with a menu-driven interface that doesn't require them to listen to and remember long menu trees. Customers can touch their way through the graphical interface.

Jacada Visual IVR Plus leverages existing IVR investments by reading existing Voice XML scripts or other proprietary protocols. Changes made to the script are immediately and automatically reflected on the mobile device or Web interface. Contact centers using Visual IVR Plus can benefit from the following:

  • Reduced call times;
  • Reduced hold times;
  • Greater customer satisfaction;
  • Fewer customers pressing zero out of frustration; and
  • Better call routing.

Jacada Visual IVR Plus can serve as an introduction to Jacada's Mobile Agent product, which allows business users to build interactive flows, independent of the IVR, that communicate with back-end customer service databases and agent desktops.

"Navigating a traditional IVR is tedious and cumbersome, waiting to hear all of the options to make sure that you select the right one. Just as pushing buttons replaced the rotary dial, touching selections on a screen is replacing the push button," said Guy Yair, co-CEO of Jacada, in a statement. "Your IVR should keep up with how your customers are using their communication device, and Visual IVR Plus enables that to happen by allowing them to communicate with customer service in a modern, less frustrating fashion."

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