• January 19, 2012

Intelliverse Introduces Cloud Communications Solutions for Contact Centers

Intelliverse, a cloud-based communications provider for enterprises, today announced its hosted solution for contact centers.

Intelliverse's platform integrates interactive voice response (IVR), automated call distribution (ACD), and IP telephony applications into one solution, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

"Our solution enables companies to achieve greater results with their customer care strategy by reducing operational costs and maximizing profitability. By providing quick, accurate information and routing calls to live agents in the call center when needed, we are able to improve the call center's productivity," said Kevin Moran, president and CEO of Intelliverse, in a stateent. "Top it off with a robust, on-demand analytics package and we have created a complete communications solution for contact centers."

Intelliverse's solution enables companies of all sizes to offer enterprise-class customer service without the costs of an on-site solution. Intelliverse's cloud-based solutions for contact centers offers the following capabilities:

  • On-demand scalability, using agents and network resources to automatically accommodate overflow, seasonal spikes, or unexpected fluctuations in call volumes;
  • Usage based pricing, allowing users to avoid unnecessary costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing model;
  • Disaster Recovery, through the ability to connect agents from alternate offices or even a home office when travel to the contact center is impossible; and
  • >Reporting suite and call recording capability to capture insight into customer desires, behaviors, and pain points.

With no equipment to purchase, install, or maintain, the solution allows call centers to free up capital resources. The platform is scalable and flexible; calls can be directed according to customer need and the most cost-effective agent arrangement. Web-based reporting is available in real time, and historical views and helps guide business intelligence with greater insight into operations while maintaining alignment with overall corporate objectives.

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