• September 14, 2011

IntelliWise Releases New Customer Engagement Tools

InteliWISE, creator of virtual agent chat software, today released Triggers, a set of new sales engagement tools to engage shoppers in their purchasing process.

Online store owners can deploy these automated live chat avatars to reach out to shoppers with action-relevant interactions in real time. They can trigger a side tab widget on action and give site owners the option of hiding it before the action and then after the action as well.

Through these tools, shopper activities are monitored proactively, and when an action is taken by the shopper that matches a pre-determined condition, the virtual agent steps in to help. The virtual agent software is interactive and can offer added incentives to the shopper to complete the sale. Even in circumstances where abandonment is predictable, the agent can request the shopper to leave an email address for future coupon or discount offers.

"Analysts have been monitoring and reporting on virtual agents and report that they are playing a critical role in building the right customer experience. Instant online support is also becoming a required feature of this category of software services, said Marcin Strzalkowski, CEO of InteliWISE. "We are taking the whole concept of virtual agents to a new level of interaction, where skilled virtual agents are not hidden in the least visited help sections. Now they serve clients proactively, with the right help at the right time , but without being too intrusive."

Through a set of Triggers and targeting tools, virtual agents can engage shoppers with either welcome messages or contextual live chats.

Virtual Agent chat can be launched:

  • On Page Load (just after loading, or after a given period of time);
  • On quitting/intent of abandonment;
  • On invite or after a specified amount of time spent on the site (i.e. seven seconds without activity);
  • On a defined previous activity (including Web sites visited or products reviewed).

Triggers work like a precise tool that decides exactly when to approach shoppers and what message to convey. Shop owners have full control over setting the Triggers. After having set the triggers, shop or site owners can set sales targets for their virtual agents, just as they do for real sales people in a real store.

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