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  • December 5, 2011

InteliWISE Introduces Virtual Agent Software for Social CRM

InteliWISE, a provider of virtual agent customer engagement software, has released an automated Q&A widget for social customer service called Facebook Virtual Agent.

The new social CRM app provides real-time support in the form of instant answers, for Facebook brand and corporate pages.

Whenever shoppers have questions, complaints, or the brand faces a reputation issue, the Virtual Agent software provides immediate response, even if the brand social marketing team is busy or unavailable. Shoppers type in their questions to the automated Q&A app that is usually added to a support or product tab on Facebook. Questions are sent to the intent-recognition engine, and answers are provided in less than a second from the pre-built FAQ knowledge base and support script content.

The system integrates with community-driven, Social CRM applications, so whenever escalation is needed, the InteliWISE system routes the question to a live operator (on live chat) or support community. As the application maps the questions and answers  from existing FAQ or Help pages and the volume of customers conversations on the wall grows, the initial knowledge base is built  up with the community posts and comments as well.

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