• April 15, 2013

InsightsOne Launches Predictive Intelligence Marketing Workspace

InsightsOne, a provider of consumer predictive intelligence solutions, has releasd Marketing Workspace, a new feature of the InsightsOne Predictive Intelligence platform that puts the power of predictive analysis directly into the hands of marketers.

In addition, the release brings new functionality to the InsightsOne Predictive Intelligence platform, including new models and prebuilt connectors to standard marketing applications. It builds on InsightsOne's sophisticated multichannel consumer predictive intelligence platform, which uses the latest big data technology to precisely predict each individual customer's hidden needs. For instance, the platform can provide insight into who will most likely want to purchase a product or service, which customers are likely to be at risk of churning in the future, and which retention offers they will be most receptive to.

Key features of the new InsightsOne Predictive Intelligence Platform include the following:

  • Marketing Workspace, allowing marketers to analyze customers, predict their behavior, and optimize campaigns;
  • Marketing Workspace Segment Analyzer, allowing marketers to better understand consumer behavior and what they want and need;
  • Enhanced unstructured analytic capabilities, delivering integrated structured and unstructured big data analytics; and
  • Packaged connectors, for integration to popular SMS and email service providers (ESPs), such as ExactTarget, as well as web instrumentation to enable real-time data and offer feeds.

Other functions of the InsightsOne Platform include the ability to automate predictive analytics into multichannel campaigns and optimize predictive analytics based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like revenue, profit, and click-through-rates .

"With the launch of our new Marketing Workspace, we put the marketers in control of powerful predictive analysis technology," said Waqar Hasan, founder and CEO of InsightsOne, in a statement. "We are handing over the power of prediction to those who can use it most, and we are delivering it to them in a format that they can both understand and take advantage of. With InsightsOne the marketer has the power to ultimately improve their top line and their consumers' experience."

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