• November 11, 2011

IceWarp Launches a Multilingual Web Site Visitor Interaction Tool

IceWarp, a provider of messaging and collaborations solutions, today released LiveWebAssist, a customer relationship management product that allows companies to better monetize Web site traffic by interacting live with Web site visitors, from any location, through any device, whether it's a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Based on the IceWarp engine, it can support organizations of all sizes, from a single-man operation to a global enterprise. The offering is a SaaS-based customer chat support system with multilingual interface and automated translation powered by the commercial version of Google Translate API v2.

"LiveWebAssist fills an unclaimed niche in the extremely competitive CRM market because it's the only solution out there that can provide truly mobile customer interaction chat with enterprise-grade security, analytics, and archiving capabilities," notes Ladislav Goc, IceWarp's president. "It is a highly scalable cloud-based solution that fits the needs of both small companies and global enterprises, helping them to get new and retain existing customers."

Based on XMPP standard (Jabber), the solution makes it possible to interact with Web site visitors from any Jabber-compatible client, making customer support fully mobile and device agnostic. LiveWebAssist can be accessed from iPhone, iPad, an array of Android phones and tablets, Nokia (Symbian), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, as well as  Windows, Linux or Apple desktop computers.

Other features include the following:

  • a multilingual interface that supports both live interpretation by customer service representatives and automated translation;
  • business-class encryption; and
  • visitor analytics and archiving with robust reporting capabilities.

LiveWebAssist was developed in a technology partnership with Expert4Me, a software development company specializing in high-end, science-intensive projects for global enterprises. "An alliance with IceWarp is a great opportunity for our organization because it allows us to expand our development efforts to a new field," said Jirka Plachy, chief technology officer at Expert4Me. "The IceWarp engine's potential is far from being fully realized and can spawn a variety of unique applications. Plus, we are thrilled to be working with a truly global organization."  

According to Goc, the alliance with Expert4Me is the latest example of IceWarp's strategy of building ties with innovative development teams worldwide. "IceWarp has recently forged very promising alliances with such organizations as Stratos Global, WhereToLive, and others,” he said. 

"LiveWebAssist is a unique marketing tool which allows you to setup multilingual Web chat in just a few minutes," said Veneeta Darnis, managing director of DARNIS Informatique. "We particularly appreciated the real-time monitoring by the supervisors and the easy transfer of an on-going chat session between the operators. The statistics collection is an added bonus." 

IceWarp (formerly Merak Mail Server) is deployed in more than 20,000 organizations and supports more than 50 million users worldwide. The company disrupts the messaging category by delivering all email, mobile synchronization, SMS, chat, voice, and video capabilities in one integrated solution. Its customers include such market leaders as Marriott International,  Verizon, the Russian Space Agency, and many other small to midsized firms. 

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