• September 20, 2011

GroSocial Launches Customizer Enterprise to Expand Facebook Influence of Major Brands

GroSocial today launched Customizer Enterprise, an online tool that enables businesses to design professional-quality Facebook tabs and deliver them directly to the connected Facebook pages of thousands of partners, including retailers, franchisees, and distributors, in their networks.

Built on the company's flagship Customizer platform, Customizer Enterprise allows major organizations to propel their brands by running custom-designed promotional tabs across their partner networks on Facebook. Likewise, the platform enables partner companies to realize the benefits of being associated with a larger brand, and to leverage that brand by promoting sales, running customized contests or promotions, distributing coupons or adding highlight videos, all without having to pay expensive design and development fees.

"We designed Customizer Enterprise to give large companies and brands the ability to launch a social media campaign without having to worry about some of the risks of inconsistency or inexperience normally associated with turning their brands over to the masses," said Zach Mangum, co-founder and CEO of GroSocial. "This enables businesses to quickly and easily feature their products and services across hundreds or even thousands of unique Facebook fan pages that are independently managed by their distributors and other retail partners, all the way down to mom-and-pop shops that can't afford expensive campaigns."

Using GroSocial's Customizer interface, companies can take advantage of the inherent visual impact and interactivity of Facebook tabs. Users can launch several types of promotions, including reveal on like or product giveaways, that motivate customers to become fans or like their pages, building out their overall online constituency. The tool also includes a Web-based design software to create dynamic tabs.

Customizer Enterprise also allows companies to maintain control over their brands by determining which aspects of their tabs can and cannot be modified by distributors and other strategic partners in their networks, which enables the partners to leverage the brand while ensuring that specific branding attributes stay intact. The tool also allows companies to measure their returns on investment through relevant social engagement statistics.

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