• September 23, 2013

GoldSpot Media Launches Multi-Screen Ad Server for Advertisers

GoldSpot Media, provider of a digital rich media ad platform, has launched SmartVue, a multiscreen ad server to enable agencies and brands to create, traffic, and measure smart digital ads with built-in device recognition, placement awareness, and real-time viewability reporting.

"Rich media advertising is becoming increasingly complex, as the number of consumer media touch points expand exponentially beyond the traditional online desktop," said Tim Hanlon, CEO of media consultancy The Vertere Group, in a statement. "Reaching rapidly fragmenting audiences across all screens is the new media imperative, and delivering elegant and uniform messaging accordingly is essential. GoldSpot Media's SmartVue ad server brings those dynamics together by allowing advertisers to create rich media ad messages once and simultaneously deliver them to any digital screen."

GoldSpot Media SmartVue ad server embeds viewability intelligence into every ad, GoldSpot ad format, or third-party creative, via its patented device based technology, micro ad player. Packing the ad with intelligence allows advertisers to transcend inventory and device fragmentation and measure real-time viewability, placement, geo-location, and performance metrics, regardless of where the ad is placed. SmartVue ads also enable advertisers to solve viewability issues, such as incorrect ad code for devices and non-viewable placements.

"Delivering viewable rich media ads to digital screens has, so far, been challenging and cost prohibitive for brand marketers" said Srini Dharmaji, CEO, GoldSpot Media, in a statement. "SmartVue helps advertisers cross the chasm and take control over ad delivery and execution irrespective of who sells the inventory or whether placed in apps or on the Web."

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