• November 2, 2011

Global Connect Releases GC1 Peak Dialer Enhancements and Healthcare Notification API

Global Connect, a provider of cloud-based hosted dialing and communication services, has upgraded its GC1 Peak Dialer, a hosted dialer platform released by the company earlier this year. The new features are designed to help clients improve productivity and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

"Global Connect is a learning organization, adapting our technology and team to meet the demands of the economic climate and better serve our large client partner base," said Darrin Bird, chief operating officer of Global Connect. "As we continue introducing our GC1 Peak Dialer to the market, we are confident in its feature-rich, reliable, user-friendly platform, but we also realize that the changing world of accounts receivable management constantly offers new technologies that allow ARM clients to remain competitive and compliant. These new features and our constant improvement of GC1 Peak Dialer are examples of our commitment to anticipate our clients' needs and exceed their expectations."

Global Connect has recently released the following features for its GC1 Peak Dialer:

  • Preview dialing -- This feature allows agents to function in preview mode while logged into GC1 Peak Dialer, enhancing a client's ability to comply with state and federal call restrictions.
  • Manual dialing -- Using this feature, agents can make manual dials through GC1 Peak Dialer, providing increased agent productivity and the ability to track call results.
  • Enhancement of call recording suite -- Whether an agent is in predictive, preview, or manual mode, all calls made through GC1 Peak Dialer are recorded with the Call Recording Suite.

In addition to these new features, Global Connect has released a new application program interface (API) for healthcare. With all core services available as Web services, this open and scalable API platform is a virtual plug-and-play API that allows for third-party applications to use the Global Connect dialer capabilities as a platform.

"Global Connect's API provides for increased automation, and increased efficiency, for clients in nearly any industry, from healthcare to retail to utilities and others," Bird said. "Now, virtually any company that needs to reach contacts quickly and effectively can have easy access to dialer capabilities at a fraction of the cost of current providers in the market."

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