• September 13, 2011

Global Connect Releases GC1 Peak Dialer

Global Connect, a provider of cloud-based hosted dialing and communication services, has launched GC1 Peak Dialer, a hosted cloud-based dialer platform designed to help collections clients reach contacts quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. 

GC1 Peak Dialer uses cloud-based technology to offer the following new dialing features:

  • Direct Agent Login - Agents can be logged in directly to the dialer for campaigns, such as direct connect predictive dialer campaigns, or can use Web portal log-in for RPC predictive campaigns.
  • Unique Login - The system provides a secure and unique login for each agent into the GC1 Peak Dialer.
  • Call Monitoring Module - With GC1 Peak Dialer, enhanced session recording allows supervisors to listen to agents, coach them through calls, and "barge" into calls when necessary.
  • Easy Customization - The system offers custom and default settings for pacing algorithms, call hold queues, disposition codes, agent prioritization, and call routing, and the customization of the debtor data that appears on the agent's screen.

In addition to these new features offered by its cloud-based predictive dialer, GC1 Peak Dialer also offers all of the existing features of Global Connect's voice messaging system, along with Global Connect's compliance, reporting, analytics, and security modules. These legacy features include the followingo:

  • Campaign reporting and monitor dashboard;
  • Real-time reporting by time zone, by call, by agent, and by talk-off;
  • Call recordings;
  • Regional caller ID;
  • Customized call list sort interface;
  • Best time of day scheduling and reporting;
  • Demographic analyzer;
  • Software integration;
  • SMS-to-email capabilities; 
  • Enhanced FTP features; and
  • Compliance module, including cell phone scrub, 24/48/72 hour scrub, call curfews by state, and area and ZIP code scrubs.

"In today's economic climate, clients are actively looking for tools and systems that help them accomplish more with less," said Darrin Bird, chief operating officer at Global Connect. "Since there are no upfront fees, hardware or software expenses, the GC1 Peak Dialer's hosted cloud-based system offers a solution that is as economical as it is effective.

"Now, more than ever, our clients need to optimize their agents' time without increasing expenses, and GC1 Peak Dialer provides the functionality to do just that," he added.

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